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Will there be a return to this project? I would love to see more!

This looks interesting and I'd love to have a tool like it. But since it hasn't been updated in almost 2 years, I'm guessing it's abandoned, just like many other projects on here.

I do hope you return to this, I was really digging the idea for creating characters. Is there anyone who did buy this who might know how to put custom content so it would be easier to make the software blossom for us looking for more customization? Maybe we can at the least get the means of having our customization this way if nothing else.

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I was one of the first supporters and I now feel cheated :(


Has this been abandoned? I would certainly pick this up if there are plans for more updates.

Really amazing character creator tool. Hope to see a female version in the future.

gonna use distill browser add on to follow this project, I'm super into using this for d&d character art, but I almost never play as a human. if more types of creatures get added to this in fft style I will absolutely get in on this. this is wonderful, that's one of my favorite character art styles.

Omg so hyped to have female and more design ! hope more will come !

Loved tactics and the class portraits there! Is it possible to import your own custom hairs/body for this?

Planning to buy once Viera and/or females are added! Looks awesome!

This looks amazing. I really hope you continue with the project.

Hmm. Any updates on this project? Would love to buy it, but want a few more body type options before I do.

Is this project dead?

Really interesting project, hope you could keep updating it. One question, I am using Godot on mac, so dose the Godot Project provides all functions same as the windows app?  Thank you.

If you add enough to this, I'd definitely be interested in downloading is and using it for a future video game project of mine.

do you plan on making a female versain

Hi man, great feature you created there. I wanted to add my own graphics (schoolgirl socks as they appear in the manga) to the program but the importer is not working properly. The parts are not uploaded.

I have found a way to put the finished characters into sprites that allow them to be used in RPG Maker MZ / RPG Maker MV. Am I allowed to upload finished character sprites for RPG Maker MZ / RPG Maker MV with reference to the Character Creator here on Ichio?

Awesome, I will wait for the complete pack.


Looking good. I would buy it when it's complete.

Hello, your work is awesome! I need your tool so if you can finish it I would be happy!


Fucking love this artstyle. reminds me so much of FFT. Gorgeous work. We just need some female figures and hair now.

Fantastic work looks like this payday (Thursday) i get a new app lol looks great cant wait to see the updates!

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Definately follow this one! It really looks amazing and I'm looking forward to the next updates! Keep it up! Are you planning on making any assets for a sci-fi or modern character as well?

Hello, I found this thanks to the following tweet:

I just wanted to let you know that I plan to purchase this tomorrow, only because I want to encourage you. I know there are many aspiring game creators who love FFT, and this would definitely bring them much joy. If possible, I would also like to make an additional donation. If you have a Patreon or a paypal account, or if you can accept Interac e-transfer, let me know and we can work something out.

Oooh I'm really glad people are interested in my work, especially since its still new and doesn't have much content. I don't think I'm going to expand to patreon or other venues, but I really appreciate the thought and kind words. I still have a lot to do and I would rather spend my time with this project.

Hello there! i can not speak English. This sentence was translated by Google.
Hello there! I like it very much, and would like to ask whether children and the elderly will be updated in the future?

Hi! The elderly didn't cross in my mind but I definitely wanted to add some cute Lalafell's. I had trouble with the implementations though so I didn't promise it. I'm still working on a solution but that comes after I add more art into the project. Hope this message goes through well in translation!

Hello there! I have purchased it and it looks really great!

In addition, I would like to ask whether more facial expressions will be updated?

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Hello. I noticed a problem. It seems that only png can be saved?
Can you provide a save source file that can be modified in the software for a second time?
Just like the relationship between Photoshop and psd

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Hello, Thank you for purchasing! I got a plan for the children and elderly coming by, check it out my latest devlog if you're interested. 

Yes, I'll be making more expressions in the future. 

If I understand you correctly you want separate layers, right? That should be easy enough to implement. I'll update the project tomorrow and export lineart, color, and mask layers.

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I didn't make it clear, sorry.

can i save an edited file in a format that allows me to make further changes?


I hope CharacterCreator_0.1.1.exe can save editable files
Not only save png
Editable files:
By opening CharacterCreator_0.1.1.exe, it can be modified multiple times

Ah, Save and Load functionality right? Yes it's in the  works,  I'll add it as soon as its done!

If I really didn’t say it clearly, maybe I can use Discord


Looks great!